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Urban Project Services employs expert commercial consultants who are able to draw upon their many years of academic and professional experience to offer our clients insightful, pro-active and intelligent management of their projects.

Our areas of Expertise are:

You have one opportunity to ensure your contract is fair and reasonable to you, once its signed you need to abide by its terms.

We produce a full review of the contracts terms, identifying those terms which we believe require amending or deleting and the reasons for our recommendation.

These recommendations are also risk graded.

Where we have recommended an amendment we also include our suggested rewording.

If your quantity take off is inaccurate your price will not reflect the work required and your project will be at financial risk.

We provide high quality quantity take offs including marked up drawings showing the dimensions on which the take offs are based which can be used in support of variations during construction.

We can undertake any takeoff regardless of size or value.

Alongside producing high quality quantity take offs, we can also:

  • Produce schedules of work;
  • Assist in pricing the tender to ensure it reflects site conditions, programme and risk.
  • Document control
  • Accreditations

We have a wealth of experience tendering across many different sectors, situations and project size/value, leverage our experience to ensure that risks are mitigated and profit and cashflow maximised.

A prospective project should have positive forecast cashflow.

Having positive cashflow, increases working capital, reduces finance costs and can increase the amount of projects you are able to undertake.

Every tender should be cashflowed before submission to ensure that it is cashflow positive.

We have the skills and expertise to produce a cashflow forecast and make recommendations if the tender is not cashflow positive.

Disputes unfortunately occur and when they do how they are handled can significantly affect the outcome.

Our experience and expertise means that we are able to guide, advise and support you through the process in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

The earlier we are employed in the process increases the likelihood us achieving a successful amicable solution. 

Understanding how to comply with the obligations of you contract is critical. 

Your contract may contain condition precedents, implied clauses or other non standard wording which if not followed correctly can increase your commercial risk.

We are able to review your contract and advise on strategies to employ in order to comply with your contract, mitigate dispute risk and maximise your entitlement.


Working under unfamiliar contract conditions can be daunting and even if you have worked under them before do you really understand how the contract should be administered and what you should be doing to protect yourself?

This is fundamental to mitigating your risk, enabling you to maximise your return.

We offer easy to understand training that gives you the knowledge needed to effectively administer your contract and protect yourself.

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