One piece of advice that we give our clients is the importance of good record keeping, it’s no good getting into a dispute situation & expecting a miracle from us if you don’t have the right records to support your position.

Accurate & substantive records are excellent tool also in mitigating the potential for adversarial behaviour.

Contemporary records are invaluable if you ever want to make a claim or find yourself in a dispute situation.

So, what records should you be keeping?

The records should be detailed enough to adequately describe to a person unfamiliar with the project the cause of the situation and its effects on the project. They should also be contemporaneous. The actual form of the record will vary according to the situation but the old adage ‘records, records & more records’ stands true as does ‘a picture says a thousand words’ so also ensure there is plenty of photographic evidence.

Proper record keeping can mean the difference between success & failure in claims situations – don’t get let down by yours!