Urban Project Services provides high quality and proactive commercial management for construction and civil engineering projects. Based in the UK with consultants in the UK and overseas.

Our highly experienced international team provides exceptional commercial support from pre-construction through to the successful completion of the project in the following fields:

  • Estimating Management
    • Production of Bills of Quantities
    • Management of tendering process
    • Pricing of tender
  • Procurement Management
    • Development of procurement strategy
    • Review of tender returns
    • Production of order documentation
  • Commercial Management
    • Review, negotiation or production of contract documentation
    • Contractual advice
    • Commercial reporting
  • Cost Management
    • Project cost audits
    • Identification, preparation & negotiation of variations
    • Preparation & negotiation of Final Account
  • Claims Management
    • Review of project documentation to identify routes for recovery / defense
    • Preparation of claim
    • Dispute avoidance
  • Risk Management
    • Pre-contract risk review
    • Contract risk review
    • Risk mitigation
  • Construction R&D Tax Credit Management
    • Assessment of projects to identify qualifying expenditure
    • Preparation of supporting documents for the claim
    • Implementing strategies to identify, capture and record potential claimable R&D at pre-construction stage

Our commercial consultants have extensive experience utilizing traditional construction, engineering and bespoke contract forms in numerous jurisdictions.

Our team have a proven track record of successfully delivering results within the public and private sector across construction and civil engineering projects.

We are flexible and able to adapt to our client’s requirements whether that need is for ongoing commercial support or assistance with a specific item, we able to tailor our services to the needs and budgets of our clients.