For a claim to be successful you must be able to prove that a claim exists. This is often overlooked. To avoid this see the below hints on how to prepare a successful claim.

The basis of your claim must be provable. If you allege that someone else’s action caused you delay or disruption you must be able to demonstrate ‘how’ clearly & prove it. The best way to do this is to use contemporary records.

Contemporary records carry more weight that those produced after the event & the side with the best records has a greater chance of success in bringing or defending a claim as they have more information to draw upon. Quantum forms part of the narrative of your claim.

You should be able to link the quantum with the story of the claim. You should avoid claiming for costs not caused by the event. Plugged costs should also be avoided. Quantum like the story should be a statement of fact & therefore backed up by expenditure records.

Presenting a claim succinctly can be a difficult task, there can be a multitude of supporting documents which can lead to the story of the claim being lost.

Claims are based on facts; if you lose the ability for the reader to ascertain the facts logically you will likely be unsuccessful.