Another in depth review of a proposed contract completed!

Our reviews are comprehensive, providing a full explanation as to why a change is required with any proposed clause changes, including a risk analysis.

We all know how important the contract is, but how often do time constraints mean that only a summary review is carried out.

Whilst this may identify the normal offenders, there will be many other potentially equally onerous clauses hidden within the contract.

Remember contracts will normally be written in favour of the employer & when things go wrong & the contract comes out it will be the words contained within the contract that will take precedence over any relationship you may have with the employer.

Negotiating contract terms should not be seen as taking a contractual stance rather ensuring that the contract entered into is workable, fair & reasonable to both parties & represents accurately what has been agreed.

This approach can also help to reduce adversarial conduct & mitigate disputes as both parties are fully aware of their obligations & responsibilities.

Once you sign the contract you’re bound by its terms so make sure you’re happy with the terms before you sign!