There are many blogs on this website relating to construction contract law.  These relate to the interpretation, definition of words or clauses, the creation/review/amendment of precedent or the risks of ambiguity within contracts.

As a subcontractor you are experts in your field – you are continually increasing your experience & knowledge in your trade.

Expertise comes from knowledge & experience.

Ask yourself the following question:

  • Are you keeping upto date with construction contract law? Probably not.
  • Is a large part of your working life dealing with contractual issues? Hopefully not!

When we’re called in to resolve an issue, in a majority of the cases the subcontract is the root cause, either:

The rules weren’t followed, or;

  • There are unfair onerous clauses.
  • In either case the situation could have been avoided.

Had someone with expertise in contract reviewed the document they could have:

  • Put in place strategies to ensure the rules are followed;
  • Negotiated out the unfair onerous clauses.

Doing so will:

  • Reduce project risk;
  • Can increase cashflow / margin;
  • Reduce adversarial behavior.

Be truthful with yourself, if you don’t have the expertise find someone who does.