Do you have all the information required to complete your works?

If you have reviewed your subcontract documents properly then you should know what information is missing & when you require it by. Therefore, one of the first documents you should formally issue is a Request For Information (RFI). This should state the information required & the latest date it needs be received before it negatively impacts your programme.

The RFI’s should then be recorded on a trackable RFI schedule.

The RFI schedule should be formally included within your regular work progress reports & should be updated to reflect the current status of the RFI’s.

During the onsite phase, situations will always occur which require further information, clarification or confirmation. RFI’s should always be issued as soon as the situation becomes apparent & state when a response and/or solution is required by.

RFI’s & the tracked RFI schedule should be issued formally. This avoids any confusion & ensures all parties are aware of their responsibilities in resolving the RFI.

All too often we see RFI’s which state what information is required but not the date by which it is required. How then can you hold the other party to account if you receive the information requested late?