What makes a good payment application?

We know that it must contain a build up to the amount claimed, but how far do you go with your supporting documentation?

An excel sheet with percentages against each work item?

If so, how easy is it for an employer to dispute the amounts claimed?

Or do you still produce an excel sheet but with supporting photos, correspondence, marked up programmes etc.?

Now it’s a lot harder now for the employer to dispute your application when presented with all this evidence substantiating your application; & is it really that hard or time consuming to produce, is it worth the effort if it means you get paid what you’re due?

In addition, your application should also contain a forecast final account. This is good practice. Financial surprises at the end of a project never end well, early discussion of final cost is always the best policy – don’t leave it until Practical Completion. If a financial overrun is forecast identifying this early enables the parties to look at potential mitigation measures to bring the project back on target, the more over budget a project becomes the harder it will be to agree the final account.

If you want to get paid what you’re due, ensure your application has enough backup to support your claim.