Construction contracts can contain confirmatory statements. They can contain clauses which confirm (or deem) that you have, for example:

* Visited site & incorporated everything necessary to carry out the works, whether included in the tender documents or not;

* Read the contractors documents / requirements, main contract etc & are happy that there a no discrepancies between the documents.

If you haven’t visited site (which you should have!), why sign a contract that says you have. If you’re relying on the tender documents to price, then that’s what you should be signing up to. Presumably you have read the tender documents but is it your responsibility to absorb the risk of the specs. etc as being correct?

With regards discrepancies between documents, I have seen contracts which attempted to put the responsibility on the subcontractor to resolve with no entitlement to cost / time. How many times have you found conflicts between documents or the site isn’t quite as described in the tender documents?

These situations can be a major cause of dispute & if you’ve signed up to these clauses you are adding considerable unnecessary risk.

Be aware of what you’re signing up to, if you haven’t done it don’t say you have!