Subcontracts which start off as standard contracts can run into hundreds of pages after the amendments made by the main contractor. What started off as a contract you were familiar with now no longer really resembles the standard form.

If you don’t read the contract, how can you understand your liabilities & obligations if each contract is distinctly different from another in content?

Here are some common amendments:

  • You confirm you’ve visited site & included for all site conditions in your bid
  • You verify as accurate & correct any documents issued by the main contract during tender
  • The main contract takes precedence over the subcontract
  • LAD’s at a level not appropriate to subcontract

Or do you know:

  • The payment process & the format required for a payment application
  • What condition precedents / time bars are present
  • The circumstances & process to apply for an EoT
  • How, to whom & in what format are notices to be issued.

The above is just a small selection of items within amended contracts that can add risk to your project, if you don’t read & understand your contract how can you mitigate risk & properly manage your project.