Project reviews are valuable tools; done properly they’ll capture:

  • What went wrong / right
  • What you would have done better / differently
  • Supply chain performance
  • How the tender held up against construction
  • Innovations in methodology / material use

These are all vital things to embrace, learn from & use in future projects. This is how you improve margins, increase efficiency & grow successfully.

But how often do these reviews get stored away only to be forgotten? I’ve seen many companies large & small where this Is the case.

You’ve been through the pain of creating this knowledge, why not use it to ensure you don’t go through the same again?

When tendering use reviews of similar past projects; there may be something in those previous projects which can give your current tender a competitive edge.

Construction teams should also be utilising this information. Learn from the site experiences of previous projects to improve the performance of your site.

Create a simple database so that you can easily match your project with similar reviews. Easy access to the right reviews is key to actually using them.

Don’t waste this valuable resource, use it.