Reading a contract that you don’t understand can be very over whelming & intimidating, coupled with the client pressuring you to return a signed contract, it can just be easier to sign & forget.

However, in doing so you’re increasing risk to the project & your business.

If you don’t understand what the contract says, how can you know that its fair to you, or what your liabilities or obligations are or how to successfully administer it.

Many will justify this approach by saying we don’t need to worry about the contract as we don’t have problem projects. But, at some point they will encounter a problem project & the consequences of those onerous clauses they didn’t understand but signed up to anyway can be devastating.

We hear this from many contractors moving from smaller to larger projects.

However, recognising the fallacy in this approach is what separates those that succeed from those who fail.

If you don’t understand what a contract is saying, don’t just sign it, give it to someone who does.