Having a high number of tenders is a great thing but it can be a double-edged sword if you don’t have sufficient resource; then the risk of missing or miss pricing items is significantly increased.

How often have you:

  • Taken a flyer because you don’t have adequate information;
  • Missed items or misunderstood the requirements of the tender as you’ve rushed through the drawings and spec;
  • Failed to include adequate risk provision & qualifications as you haven’t had the time to properly review the tender;
  • Quickly reviewed the t’s and c’s, picked up the usual clause headings but failed to find the clauses hidden in the contract that add significant risk to your company.

If you fail to get your estimate right, trying to rectify these errors and make a profit whilst on site is a difficult task. Getting the estimate right is vital to success and having the right resource is essential to achieving that. Outsourcing part of the tendering process gives your team more time to properly understand the project, ensuring that they have the ability to issue the correct price and qualifications.

If your estimating department is under pressure, talk to us, see if we can help.