Every contract we review has a clause in stating the contracting party is to assume liability for the accuracy of the documents produced by the employing party. Is this fair, no. Why should you assume liability for the documents produced by others and then responsibility for the costs involved in correcting any inaccuracies, errors or omissions found within.

We find a clause like this in virtually every contract we review. This is a simple and frequent method of risk mitigation used by pushing liability downstream to the supply chain, but one which could have significant time and cost implications.

This is just one example of a clause which if left increases project risk.

Always read the contract before signing on the bottom line, if there is wording you are not happy with negotiate until you have a mutually agreeable set of terms and conditions.

T he contact contains the instructions as to how the contract is to be administered. In the unfortunate event something goes wrong it will come out quickly and when it does you want to make sure that the terms and conditions are fair & equitable to both and not loaded in favour of the other party.