Is sitting in an expensive office the best environment to be productive?

You’ll always need a site presence for certain tasks but is this always needed?

People can now communicate & work together seamlessly by utilizing technology.

Using VOIP we can be contacted anywhere at any time for the price of a local call, with SKYPE we have the ability to video conference, we have laptops & high-speed internet access is everywhere.

Our consultants been working remotely for a couple of years & we have been surprised with just how much can be done and how easy it has been to integrate our consultants into project teams.

We’ve assisted with procurement, identified variations, compiled supporting documents for claims which required constant communication with the project team.

Clients have also seen benefits, they are able to procure the services of QS for as long as needed, we can start almost immediately (no waiting for IT etc.) they don’t have to worry about finding a place for us in the office & as remote working is more efficient, costs are reduced.

Let’s have a conversation about how we can embrace technology to make our piece of the construction process a little more efficient, the more admin tasks we can do, the more time site staff have to run their sites.

Food for thought.