Does remote working in construction work?

In our experience, a qualified yes.

There will always be a need for site-based management but there is little reason now why some back office tasks can’t be undertaken remotely.

Remote work tools & communication platforms have evolved well beyond phone calls & emails. We’re able to connect with project teams via video & chat platforms & with the variety of video, chat & collaboration tools available we have the ability to connect with project members in an instant & meet face-to-face over video.

Whilst the project is on site we have worked with many clients reviewing drawings, site diaries, meetings minutes, photos etc. & talking with site management & subcontractors to support the team in managing change by issuing EWN’s, identifying & pricing variations, producing claims documentation & final accounts.

During the pre-construction period we have produced BoQ’s reviewed contract documentation, priced tenders & assisted in procurement.

Supporting QS’s in this way enables project QS’s more time to analyse their contracts & put into place strategies to ensure that their contract is maximizing its full profit potential & cash flow.

Speak to us to see how this approach can add value to your project