The size of the Sub-Contract can sometimes make reviewing the t’s&c’s a daunting & time-consuming task so many times this is concentrated to just the scope, programme & cost. Unfortunately, in doing this many other clauses are missed which can add onerous conditions upon the subcontractor .

As part of the review process stating the reasons why a clause is not acceptable or if it needs amending a suggested modification makes the negotiation easier. We want to work with the main contractor in a collaborative & co-operative manner to ensure that the Sub-Contract t’s & c’s are fair and reasonable for both parties & that both parties understand their responsibilities & obligations under it.

If you understand your responsibilities under the Sub-Contract the chances of a dispute arising are greatly reduced, & you will be able to maximize the full benefit of the contract in terms of cost control & profit maximization.

This is the benefit of using a quantity surveyor – although we may not be well liked for this, we understand & know how to utilize construction contracts. A little time & money spent here can pay huge dividends later on.

If you are asking ‘what does the contract say about this’ during the course of a project, then you are already on the back foot.